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Your Next Adventure Awaits

pathfinder wayfinder orange
pathfinder wayfinder orange
pathfinder wayfinder orange

Who do you want to be?

Where do you want to go?  

How do you get there? 

Pathfinder guides you to discover your answers

to these questions in 3 main ways:

Meet as a cohort with a life coach to process and reflect on your shared and personal experiences.

Learn about yourself and how you can steer your life effectively by taking the Sustainable Lifestyles course.

Our intentional living model offers internships, Spanish immersion, cultural immersion, college courses,  wellness activities, community service, and adventure trips.

Adventure to village below Poas Volcano

Our Programs

What We Offer

Surf trip to playa jaco

Gap Paths

Unique adventures designed for self-exploration

Our Mission

Pathfinder is a co-created gap experience which provides guided cultural, career, service and academic opportunities for students to explore and find their best path.

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