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My biggest takeaway was realizing that I have the agency to do little things that can make positive changes in my life... I have become a more self-aware and compassionate person through the lessons I learned.


I have had time to reflect and do things that truly resonate with my inner self. Back home, I would be too busy trying to survive through my day to day and would feel like I was drowning.



I have a deeper understanding of my mental and emotional state. I now know how to cope and regulate my emotionality and can attempt openly and vulnerably to communicate.


Costa Rica allowed me to give up distractions and be with myself when I wanted to. I’ve learned to stay in the present rather than build up alternate realities when I am bored.

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The Pathfinder staff goes above and beyond their administrative roles to create deeply personal relationships with participants. Each person I interacted with made a point to get to know me, and I believe that the deeper understanding created was integral to my feeling of belonging. It provided me with a strong support system on top of the local mentor connection and my host family. 

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