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Path-Finding Guidance

At Pathfinder Costa Rica, we believe that international travel and immersing in a foreign culture is key to developing one's personal identity, awareness, and growth. Using the Path-Finding guidance model, our life coaches help you live with intention during your stay in Costa Rica and long thereafter. 

What is Path-Finding?

Path-Finding is a guidance model that facilitates the process of clarifying your unique passions, talents, identity and lifestyle through fun and engaging adventure, travel, and education. 


This intentional living model offers meaningful hands-on experiences such as adventure trips, community service, wellness activities, Spanish immersion, internships, and cultural immersion - all supported by intentional guidance. This ongoing cycle of experience and reflection allows you to gradually carve a path that fits your personality, skills and goals. 

Coach Support

Meet as a cohort with a life coach to process and reflect on your individual and shared experiences.

Intentional Living

Take the 9 Dimensions of Healthy Living Assessment and set goals that guide you in your path-finding journey.

Forming Healthy Habits

Craft a weekly schedule that forms habits to nourish your mind, body, and soul. 

Why go abroad to find one's path?

For thousands of years, people, especially young adults, have traveled to foreign lands to find their path. In your own environment, it's easy to get stuck: to think, feel, and act the same. Yet when you venture to a new place, new ways of thinking and being emerge and that's where the many aspects of life can become clearer. 

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Long Standing Expertise

Pathfinder's development team at the Supportive Immersion Institute has been guiding teens and young adults to find their path for close to two decades. Their research and results through these years have proven that these kinds of learning experiences abroad can be both memorable and transformative. 

Want to know more?

Send us your info below and we will send you more info on the Path-Finding Guidance Model!

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