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Gap Paths

Atenas, Costa Rica

Embarking on a gap year can be an incredible opportunity for students to explore their passions and interests, gain valuable life experience, and broaden their horizons before diving into the next phase of their lives. We have designed two options for students to fully customize their gap experience. ​ The Gap Semesters is an option for students who want to design their own experience but prefer to have a set start and finish date, and potentially experience it with a cohort. With this program, students can select internships, Spanish classes, community service opportunities, and wellness activities that align with their interests and goals. Additionally, the program includes exciting excursions that students can enjoy with their peers. ​ On the other hand, the Individualized Path option offers even more flexibility, allowing students to select the dates and length of their experience without being bound to a specific start or finish date. While there may not be peers to experience Costa Rica with depending on the chosen dates, students have the freedom to fully customize their experience with their chosen internships, Spanish classes, community service, and wellness activities. While there are no included excursions in the base program, students can opt to add on as many excursions as they'd like. Both the Gap Semesters and Individualized Path offer unique gap year experiences that allow students to customize their time in Costa Rica to their interests and preferences. Whether students prefer the structure of a cohort or the flexibility of a fully customized experience, both options provide opportunities for self-exploration and adventure while exploring a new country and culture.


Gap Semesters

Concrete start and finish dates, guaranteed cohort, and included excursions.


Individualized Path

You decide when you'll embark and how long your journey will be with Pathfinder!

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