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A gap year to explore new habits and thought processes

As someone who has taken a gap year with the Supportive Immersion Institute, I can confidently say that it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Not only did I have the opportunity to immerse myself in a new culture, but I also had the chance to create and explore new habits and ways of living and thinking.

One of the biggest advantages of taking a gap year in Costa Rica is the opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone. You're no longer living in your familiar surroundings, surrounded by the same people and daily routines. Instead, you're challenged to adapt to a new environment, meet new people, and embrace new customs.

For me, this meant being more intentional about my daily routines and habits. I learned to prioritize my health and well-being by making time for exercise, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep. In Costa Rica, there was a strong emphasis on nature and outdoor activities, so I found myself hiking, surfing, and exploring the beautiful natural surroundings.

Additionally, living abroad taught me to be more open-minded and adaptable. I learned to embrace new experiences and ideas without judgment, and to appreciate the diversity of people and cultures around me. This mindset has stayed with me since returning home and has allowed me to better connect with people from different backgrounds and perspectives.

One of the most valuable things I gained from my gap year was a better understanding of my own needs and values. Being away from the familiar allowed me to reflect on my life and evaluate what was truly important to me. This self-reflection has helped me make better decisions and set meaningful goals for my future. My personal experience with a supportive gap year has led me to Pathfinder, where I am helping to usher in a more supportive gap experience for all types of young adults.

In conclusion, a supportive gap year in Costa Rica can be an incredible opportunity for personal growth and development. By stepping outside of your comfort zone and embracing a new culture, you can create new habits and ways of living that prioritize your health and well-being. You'll also gain a better understanding of yourself and your needs, which can have a positive impact on your life long after you return home.

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