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Daisy Rojas

Cultural Coordinator

Daisy Rojas

Daisy graduated from the Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica as a Forest Engineer in 1988. She has worked in various forest programs in Costa Rica, working on monitoring sustainability of forest operations, reforestation, and environmental education. In addition, Daisy completed her license in education while working with a program for teen mothers, helping them complete their education as a teacher of math and sciences. She also completed (with honors) a technical degree in Teaching of Spanish as a Second Language through the Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. These experiences lead Daisy to begin teaching Spanish and Environmental Sciences at NSA. 

Daisy holds dear her spiritual beliefs, family values, and desire to serve her community. These have guided her work as a person, mother of two, wife, and professional educator. She is a loving person whose joy for life, unlimited hugs, and hope for the future make her a joy to work with and a person to admire.

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