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Dr. Danny Recio

Personal Growth Director

Dr. Danny Recio

​Danny's path follows his passion and curiosity for the human experience. Understanding how people make the best of that experience has guided most, if not all, of his professional life. Danny is deeply interested in the way that different cultures approach life, the way that every individual uniquely lives it, and how all sources of knowledge, from scientific to experiential, explain the different human worlds.

Studying abroad in South Africa and the United States, and befriending many people from around the world and different walks of life, have been instrumental in illuminating and strengthening Danny's path, as have his studies in Psychology and Integrated Ecology at the master's and doctoral level.

Regarding his own human experience, Danny feels most alive when accompanying others in making the best of their journey, when immersed in salt water, when pushing out of the comfort zone, when connecting deeply with others, and more than anything, when spending time with his two kids.

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