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Dr. Heather Tracy

Executive Director

Dr. Heather Tracy

Dr. Heather Tracy is the co-founder and Executive Director of New Summit Academy, The Bridge - Costa Rica young adult gap program, and Pathfinder Travel. Heather earned an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in psychology and French at Saint Louis University where she was 1 of 10 Freshmen to earn the highest honor of a full-ride, four-year scholarship as a Presidential Scholar. She then continued her studies at Harvard Graduate School of Education, earning a Master of Education in Human Development & Psychology with coursework and research focusing on adolescents at-risk and school reform. In 2014, Heather completed her Doctorate of Education in K-12 Leadership with a dissertation about the importance of academic enablers (specifically, the social, psychological, physical, and emotional foundations of cognition, learning and growth) for at-risk adolescents to build resilience and learn and live more effectively and efficiently.

Previously, Dr. Tracy researched Math and English support programs for the MCAS in Boston Public Schools, taught English as a Second Language to teenagers and adults, taught college reading and writing courses to study abroad students, and served one year as a volunteer English teacher in the Costa Rican public school system through World Teach Costa Rica. Being a part of the founding team of New Summit Academy in 2004 has been the highlight of her career, and she feels blessed to be able to be a part of the team creating innovative, holistic, and quality education for unique young men. Her goal is to effectively lead the facilitation of a healthy learning environment that helps students develop an authentic passion for learning as well as enhance traditional skills needed for self-sufficiency and college in unique, interesting ways that are attractive to each student’s particular learning strengths. With engagement in activities that develop teen brains, minds, bodies, and spirits inside and outside the classroom, students are able to showcase their learning strengths, improve their learning weaknesses, earn confidence and curiosity for learning, and produce work that lives up to their potential.

She is tri-lingual (English, Spanish, and French), studied abroad in France for one year, backpacked all over Europe, and has lived in Costa Rica since January 2002. Heather is also a certified yoga teacher, and in her free time (free time?), she loves to travel, dance, read nerdy books, eat good food, and take care of the various pets that seem to keep showing up at her doorstep.

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